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HOOMUZE a movement that sort of diverged from the basketball mainstream until the early ’—GMHC


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March 4th, 2014 by


nike air raid black flint grey white 01 Nike Air Raid   Black   Flint Grey   White

People are excited about one of the OG Air Raid II colorways coming over to the first model to be sure, but you can’t deny the simple pleasure that is this original 1992 . This (Flint this time around) with the white midsole takes us back to the upslope of the early ’90s streetball craze, a movement that sort of diverged from the basketball mainstream until the early ’00s ‘freestyle’ surge. The Air Raid captured the essence of the time and was rugged enough to stand up to the asphalt, and you can make sure yours are ready for the streets ASAP with a pre-order ahead  of April’s delivery from .



March 3rd, 2014 by


nike air pegasus 89 april 2014 01 570x399 Nike Air Pegasus 89   April 2014 Releases

The just showed off its new Woven iteration, and with the majority of its 25th anniversary year still to come, expect a ton more activity from this classic runner. Coming up in April are at least two brand new styles, both of which follow a pattern of using a perforated suede along with some without holes punched in it and a bit of mesh at the toe. There’s one in Mica Green and Light Base Grey, and another in Obsidian with tonal grey accents, both of which share the Peg 89′s distinctive ‘open’ Swoosh. Click in for a better view of both pairs, then pre-order yours ahead of the April shipment from .



March 3rd, 2014 by


nike air tech challenge 2 grey suede red Nike Air Tech Challenge 2   Grey Suede   Red

The has already ticked the OG box in 2014 by making its way to shelves in that beloved “Hot Lava” colorway. There is much more on the way for the sneaker though, and not all of it stays within those lines. Pictured here is a new version of the shoe featuring a suede colorway on top and a red shade for the sole kit that make them an ideal candidate for sole swapping. Continue reading to see a full photo of the shoes and watch for more info on this upcoming Air Tech Challenge II on Sneaker News.



March 3rd, 2014 by


nike air trainer 1 low summary Nike Sportswear Brings Back the Air Trainer 1 Low

It’s been a long time since we saw the form, but it looks like that shape is coming back for 2014. Shown here is a pair, expected to release in April, that is part chlorophyll trainer and pair “Safari” tribute. The pair seems like the spiritual successor to the of a couple years back that paired up those two 1987 design but no word yet on if we’ll see a similarly colored Safari nodding to the Trainer 1. Continue reading for a detailed set of images and tell us if you’ll be picking up a pair in the comments.



March 2nd, 2014 by


nike air raid black volt grey  Nike Air Raid Retro   April 2014 Releases

The was a reactionary sneaker, a demand placed on Tinker Hatfield and his team back in the early 1990s when Nike realized they needed a response to Reebok’s outdoor court shoes. What they came up with was this flat-footed X-ed out shoe, which made its debut in 1992. The strapped silhouette is coming back for 2014 and we can only assume its return is imminent given that online retailers overseas are starting to fill pre-orders for them. Take a look at another colorway for the 2014 incarnation below and then lock yours down early from if you’re feeling antsy.



March 1st, 2014 by


nike air tech challenge huarache turbo green 4 Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache Turbo Green

New colorways of this classic Huarache silhouette continue to surface as we get a first look at a clean “Turbo Green” version that looks as if it stepped right out of the original catalogs. Using a clean White/Black/Grey foundation, Nike opts for this bright green hue on the sole, liner, logo, and heel to grasp that out-of-the-box Agassi effect. This new release is hitting retailers overseas, so stay tuned for release info for the States and enjoy the gallery of images below.



March 1st, 2014 by


nike huaraches turbo green 570x425 Nike Air Huarache Turbo Green   Available

We’ll take any chance we can get for extended looks at the Nike Huarache. The sneakers are so rarely available over here in the US that there’s a pretty good chance that all of these random EU exclusives will be released into the ether and never heard from again, so it’s worth documenting them before they become a memory. This white/turbo green is one of the latest and runs with the recent choice of reworking the toe box down front. Stay with us after the break for a more complete set of catalog shots on these speckled shoes and then grab them from if you’re so inclined, as that appears to be the only place where you can do so.



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