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Discount Celine Bags Online A water-park resort near America’s newest boardwalk

A water-park resort near America’s newest boardwalk.

This summer, the year-old Myrtle Discount Celine Bags Online Beach boardwalk has added a 187-foot-tall Ferris wheel to its already long list of attractions (cafes, street performers, fireworks displays). Just 16 blocks north is a stretch of beach that’s sugary white, with shallow waters and low waves that are perfect for beginning swimmers. The Caribbean Resort & Villas is strung along the shore, with 438 rooms and suites spread across four beachfront buildings: the Cayman and the Dominican Towers, the Chelsea House Villas and the Jamaican Motor Inn — which is where you can still find mid-summer bargains. (Bonus: Guests here have access to the inn’s own pool and beach deck.) The Cayman and Dominican Towers are both geared toward families with small children — they have indoor and outdoor tubing pools, a lazy river and hot tubs, plus an outdoor waterslide area on the north Discount Hermes Bags Price side of Cayman. The hotel is also popular with duffers, given that the town has 115 golf courses, including stately Pine Lakes (tee times from $79 if you book online). 3000 N. Ocean Blvd., 800/552-8509, caribbeanresort.com, from $125.

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Wholesale Shoes Online teeny weeny afro